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DrupalCon London 2011 Session Schedule

Unconference at DrupalCon SF

The DrupalCon London Team had the task of narrowing 341 fantastic proposals into a schedule of 60 sessions, balanced across 5 tracks: Site Building and Environment Set-up, Business and Best Practices, Code & Coders, Design, UX & Theming, and Ecosystem. You can check out the schedule now and attendees will be able to build their schedule on the DrupalCon London site by logging in later this week.

This breaks down to 5 tracks with 12 sessions each. The 6th track, Core Conversations, will also have 12 sessions slots available and DrupalCon London will be opening core conversation session proposals between 14 June and 14 July 2011, 23:59 GMT+1.



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